Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Porn Scars

Why is it that an MMA fighter who did gay porn in college is allowed to be a finalist in the Ultimate Fighter show, but a woman who did softcore porn 10 years ago gets fired from her job as a UFC ring girl? These people were not campaigning to be Mother Theresa or Jesus on a stick. They are not aspiring schoolteachers, politicians or role models. They did something subversive in their past and now they want to leave it behind and move on with their lives.

Personally, I think they both should be able to keep their jobs. If Dakota Cochrane has healthy blood tests, he should be able to fight. If Chandella Powell looks great and can bear the weight of a card that says "Round 1," she should be able to be a ring girl. She was hired for her beauty and sex appeal, not for her amazing choice making abilities.

What fighter or ring girl hasn't done something shady in their past? Let's face it, most interesting people have had to have done SOMETHING in order to make them who they are today. Why can't we "forgive" the choice and move on? Not to mention, I have gay male friends watch the UFC as if it is softcore porn, so what's the big deal? But, Chandella got fired and Dakota got a pass. It seems that women who have had any involvement in the sex industry are shamed for life; not by compassionate intelligent people mind you, but by the ignorant people with their heads up their asses. Men get a pat on the back and a laugh, but women have to wear the scarlet S for life.

Diablo Cody is one of the most maligned Oscar winning screenwriters of our day. She is funny, sexy, smart, snarky and super intelligent. Everyone may not like her style or even her writing, but instead of a take-it-or-leave-it indifference, there is this mean spirit directed at her. So, she used to be a stripper. Why is that so overwhelmingly frighting? Maybe she has too many weapons. She knows too much.

Meanwhile, Stephen Soderbergh is making a film around Channing Tatum's past escapades as a male stripper. Will there be any backlash from that? I think not. Channing will most likely continue to charm us, hoofing away in those "Step Up" movies until Tom Cruise ages out and he replaces him in the "Mission Impossible" franchaise.

I am not an activist. I am not going to Dana White's office and protest on behalf of Chandella Powell. However, I will sit on my ass with steam coming out of my ears and write this blog.