Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back in the Game

Vitamin B12 shot.  Best thing ever.

So grateful to have the energy to work out at the gym for a good two hours.  My work load lately is lighter than it has been in a while so I can afford to spend a little more time at the gym.  I haven't been in fight shape since last July.  The more I go, the more I realize it is a place of sanity, even though so many people in it are insane, myself included.  I spend more time allowing myself to be present as I spar or hit the bag.

I am convinced that the more we stay present, the less we age.  Doing anything artistic or athletic keeps you in the moment.  Most artists and athletes I know are young in spirit and in mind because of this "indulgence."  I call it an indulgence because I am aware that we are fortunate to have the time, the ability and the resources to be able to partake in these endeavors.  Both are creative and invigorating.

Always interesting getting back into training.  There is a lot of self doubt, but I just do it anyway. In sparring, I have been gassing out after two rounds, but I think that is changing.  Sunday, I did four two minute rounds without gassing.  Tomorrow, hopefully I will go three three minute rounds before taking a break.  I can't judge it or I will quit and boxing still gives me joy and makes my body and mind feel good.  I can't compare myself to anyone.  No one else is like me.  I am the oldest and smallest person in every gym against every opponent.  I move well around the ring, have good defense, but have a hard time hitting people hard unless it's a fight.  Sometimes I think I lost the strength I had when I was younger, but when I hit the pads, I can still make them crack.  It's just mental.  Like everything.

As far as the film goes, a couple more film festivals to go, we found a distributor and will be releasing "Fight Like a Girl" on VOD, DVD very soon. (Although I am already selling them off the website along with T-Shirts and posters. www.FightLikeAGirlTheMovie.com - My shameless plug!)  We are hoping to find a good broadcaster, but we shall see.  It's a different kind of film.  While I know many people love it and are inspired by it, I'm certain there are others who despise it and thing I'm an A-hole for making it.  They are probably the same people who think I am crazy for still sparring and training the way I do.  I am getting better at putting things in perspective with the thought: They are not my audience.

Making this film has been a long haul and I know I still have to do press for the next year, but I do feel like it is finished and on it's way out there.  I am already onto my next projects.  We have a few more expenses for the film, but I have faith we will get them covered.

It's appropriate to start heavy training at this moment.  I need to summon up my creative energy to keep moving, keep creating, keep punching.


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    1. Thanks, Sharon! Only got through 2 rounds again today. Oh well. Better luck next time!

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