Monday, August 18, 2014

Money, Money, Money

I don't like to think about it unless I am making it.

I don't need a whole lot of it.

I love the freedom it gives me since I live in a world where it is necessary to have it.

I am fortunate to have enough of it to pay for roof over my head, groceries, go to a boxing gym and do yoga.  That's pretty much all I need to be happy and balanced.  Oh, and buy a nice outfit or a good pair of shoes a couple times a year.

I hate asking for it.

Right now, I am believing that I will somehow manifest another $10k to put in my film so it can be seen.  Unfortunately, when I exported the film, it was in the wrong format for the distributor.  Chalk it up to being on the cusp of a change in technology.  Yay.  "Progress," as they used to say in the 70's.

While I have been fortunate enough to have someone who believes in "Fight Like a Girl's" ability to help people who suffer from abuse, PTSD and mental illness - cover the rights for my Muhammad Ali footage, this is the last hurrah.  And I need it in order to get the film on as many platforms as possible.   Otherwise, I'm stuck with 832 DVDs in my basement.  I know it will come somehow.

In the meantime, I am cutting a video pro bono for an organization called Girl's PACT that helps empower young girls and prevent teenage pregnancy.  ( My husband is none too happy that I am still giving of my time, while I need to be earning, but I know how the world works.

Right now, I am happy to shoot and edit weddings, kid's birthdays, bar mitzvahs, performances, christenings.  Heck, I'll even do a funeral!  I am selling T-shirts and DVDs off my website

But, also accepting tax deductible donations for the film through an organization called Bad Girl's Boxing, which helps young women redirect negative energy into positive outlets.

I know this is more of a shitty way of asking people for donations than a blog, but if I don't do it, than I feel like an asshole....well, more of an asshole than if I didn't do it, I think.

And 3 people are probably going to read it.  So, I don't have to be embarrassed for making a big "ASK" on FB.  Funny, because I give to everyone else's campaigns and don't think anything of it.  It's hard to ask for your own film - believe your own work is worth others investing in to be seen.

If you are disappointed that this wasn't a funny, twisted, soulful, honest blog, I apologize and promise the next one will be exactly that.  But, if you are in a position where you could use a tax deduction and you would like to help "Fight Like a Girl" get seen, please chip in!

Thanks and Sorry!

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